Considerable development has gone into our electric motor instalation and we have created a system which is amongst the most sophisticated available. Utilising the famous Lynch electric motor, the system provides impressive power and torque from a compact, lightweight unit. The unit is controlled by an electronic throttle and is speed restricted to a nominal 14mph [22kph]. This speed can be pre-set at the factory to accommodate different market legislation or operational requirements. The motor is run in 12v configuration to maximise efficiency and range. In normal use with some pedal assistance a single charge should give a working range of approx 20 miles. This can be doubled with the inclusion of a second battery.
A single Optima semi traction battery is used, featuring spiral wound GRP plates to allow deep discharge and rapid re-charging. In common with our policy of uncompromising quality, the Optima battery and the Lynch motor represent the very best of modern technology. This level of technology costs slightly more than some of the more conventional equipment on the market, however, we believe the outstanding performance and reliability more than justifies the price.

The system is configured to run in the following modes;
Pedal only
Pedal and electric combined
Electric only

The motor is on call only when the rider needs, usually to start off with a full payload and to give assistance on hills. The system can also be set up to only operate when the rider is pedalling. The AVD motor installation enhances the operational flexibility of the quadricycle range, allowing greater distances and more challenging terrain to be covered.
By reducing rider fatigue the electric motor can improve the productivity of the operator and also enables drivers of moderate fitness to use the vehicle effectively.

An alternative system to the Lynch motor is our 36 V shrunk-on-disc rotor. This type allowes only pedal + motor drive together. Its not as strong as the Lynch motor but much cheaper and lighter.

So you can decide which motor option is the best for you.

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