Now a familiar sight around the West End of London , as well as other European cities, the AVD Taxi is creating a new market for itself. Its stylish lines, optional electric power unit and silent operation make it a modern,viable alternative to petrol driven taxis. With options includinge a driver fairing and full passenger weather protection, the taxi has proved equally popular with operators, drivers and passengers. The four wheel design gives outstanding stability compared to the traditional three wheel rickshaw, [or “trishaw” to give it its correct name]. This stability is particularly useful when passengers are boarding or alighting, especially the old or infirm. It is totally stable through corners and on adverse camber roads, which can adversely affect the traditional three wheelers. The Taxi is suitable for theme and leisure parks, zoos, shopping centres, malls and of course commercial taxi operations. Anywhere that people want to be moved swiftly, silently and efficiently is a potential Taxi operating area.