Where are the Quadricycles made?
We do all the design and manufacture in Germany. We produce vehicles for despatch all over the world.

What is the maximum payload?
Approximately 180kg. Please refer to the current technical specification for exact figures.

What is the taxi like to pedal with two passengers on board?

In flat areas the Taxi [and Van] are quite easy to pedal, even with a full payload. Most new riders make the mistake of trying too hard initially. These vehicles will not go as fast as a `normal` bike and the right mental attitude to using them is important. Remember that they are akin to a pedal powered wheelbarrow, you will not be whizzing around as if you were riding a solo. They can quite easily be pedalled between 6 to 10mph, twice as fast as a brisk walking pace. If speed is important then our electric conversion can power the vehicle at 14mph

Can I swap bodies between the Taxi and the Van?

Technically, yes. In practice it is too time consuming to be an operation that could be carried out on a regular basis. It is a perfectly feasible solution for an operator who wishes to run a selection of vehicles on a seasonal basis, such as Taxis in the summer and Vans in the winter.

How do they perform on hills?
Now matter how well designed a workbike may be, it cannot overcome the basic laws of physics. Any human being will struggle if he/she tries to pedal three times their own weight up a steep hill. Our Quadricycles utilise low gearing to help move heavy loads and climb hills, but workbikes will always be very slow hill climbers when laden. Our electric assist conversion is the ideal solution to operating workbikes in hilly terrain.

Are they legal to use on the road?
Yes, all our Quadricycles conform to current construction and use regulations. Please remember that what you do with the vehicles might be regulated by a local authority, for instance a hail and ride taxi service will be governed by the ancient hackney carriage laws which are very stringent. An operator must convince the relevant authority that they are capable of running such an operation. We can advise and help with in these situations but we cannot work miracles. If your local authority, especially in the UK, doesn’t want to allow the running of a taxi service, then it will have the final say on whether you can run a taxi business. Transporting goods is much more straightforward and doesn’t require any special permission. As long as the vehicle is roadworthy then you can do what you want with it.If, however, you want to sell from it then once again you should speak to your local authority.

How do I insure one?

They should be covered under the terms of a normal business policy. Always inform your broker to make sure. They don`t need to be insured by law so its up to you, we would always recommend that you have adequate third party insurance.

I want to take my children to school on a taxi, is it suitable?
It is but it’s a rather expensive solution, a bit like buying a black cab for the school run. A black cab costs four times more than an average family car because it’s designed to last for 500,000 miles. Our Taxi is engineered to be used day in day out for many years and take the kind of knocks that a professional taxi operator will give. For private use You may want to consider having[cont]

one of our Stablemate 180`s fitted out to carry kids. This is a cost effective versatile solution for the “school run”, it will even carry a couple of dogs as well! More stylish than a Volvo estate and twice as much fun…….

Can you make me a special one-off body?

An enormous amount of development goes into our award winning body designs. To make a one-off will be very expensive indeed and generally not the sort of work we’re geared up to do. If you have a business idea and would like to commission a series of bodies built to your own specification then we will be pleased to discuss your requirements.

Can you fit disc brakes?
We believe our four-wheel drum system is more than adequate for the sort of use that our Quadricycles are designed for. We feel that drums are also the most appropriate technology to use, they are low maintenance and very cheap to overhaul. If you think you really need discs then we can fit them for you.

Will it take an electric motor?
Yes, we have a very sophisticated electric motor system that provides the perfect solution for customers who need the extra operational flexibility that electric power provides.

What range does a battery have?
This depends very much on the proposed use; we will be pleased to configure the installation to provide the range you require for a specific operation. As a guideline 25 miles is a normal range for a conventional assist type installation. We can also provide electric only solutions.

Can you fit a regenerative charging system?

No, this type of arrangement is more suited to very heavy vehicles, such as trains, that build up the considerable momentum necessary to provide the required energy for regenerative charging.

Can you make one that two people can pedal?
No, we feel that such vehicles belong in the `novelty` market for use at seaside resorts etc. We make vehicles aimed at the professional business user looking for a well designed product that will provide a solution to an operational requirement.

Can you make an enclosure for the driver?
We have a lot of experience using full body shells on human powered vehicles; in fact we have a string of world records to our credit. Full enclosures on pedal vehicles bring problems with heat generation, condensation, visibility and interior noise. We do offer a partial canopy that will keep off the worst of the weather. When used with our driver fairing this will give good protection with no visibility or condensation problems and is a good compromise for use on pedal or electric versions.

Can I have one in my own colour scheme?

Within reason, yes. Our Quadricycles feature bodies made from self-coloured fibreglass. We can specify a pigment to match customer’s corporate colours and can also organise graphics if required. If metallic colours are required for the base colour then this will involve a special paint job, which can be costly and not as durable as the self-coloured finish.
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