Welcome to the AVD - Advanced Vehicle Design website and its four wheel range of workbikes.

Welcome to the latest Advanced Vehicle Design website. This website has been created to showcase our new workbike range and is packed with information about our quadricycles. You will find technical tips, operating hints and features of real-life companies and individuals who use our products as part of their daily routine. Our unique vehicles provide genuine operational benefits and cost savings, as well as create a wide variety of job opportunities.
Thank you for your interest in our company and its exciting products, enjoy the website and we hope to hear from you soon.
2004-08-26 - new e-mail-adress: info@work-bikes.de

                       workbikes made in Germany

AVD/Work-Bikes are a small, specialist cycle manufacturer operating since 2004 from Berlin/Germany. Originally the company was situated in Cheshire, England.  The product range are four wheel workbikes and up from spring 2006 we can also offer a new 3- wheel rickshaw. All parts are made in Germany.The majority of its production output is for export, mainly to Europe.

The AVD range of four wheel vehicles were originally conceived in Bob Dixon`s garage [former owner of AVD] in the early 90s. Bob had recognised that there was a market for a vehicle that could carry people or cargo within the pedestrianised areas of town centres. The vehicle would need to be pedal powered and easy to operate. A rough prototype was created to prove the principal and development continued from there. Over the years
a large amount of money has been invested in the vehicles development and the product produced today represents the very pinnacle of workbike design. From its humble garage origins the AVD quadricycle has now won numerous design awards, including the prestigous "Millennium Product" status awarded by the Design Council of Great Britain. Customers in the past were the UK supermarket giant Sainsbury`s, The Ford Motor Company (who chose to represent the AVD Van as the cutting edge of future vehicle design in a major London exhibition) and many more smaller business users. AVD vehicles have been the subject of widespread media coverage. In the movie “Pluto Nash” starring US actor Eddie Murphy the AVD Van got its first major film debut.
In March 2004 the company and production has been selled to a Berlin/Germany company called Work-Bikes. More on their own website (in german).