The two broad areas that a prospective new customer needs to consider are;

What I am going to do with the vehicle?

Where am I going to use it?

The relevance of the first question mainly applies to the AVD Taxi. Legislation differs from country to country and even from city to city. It would be impossible to cover all the various local bylaws that may apply to taxi usage. In the UK two main taxi classifications prevail; Omnibus and Hackney carriage. Local authorities often have conflicting views and precedents regarding which legislation should be applied. Most common classification applied to our vehicles is the Omnibus category. This requires the vehicle to be operated along a fixed route with predetermined stops. This can be restricting and prevents the vehicles being used as a “hail and ride” [Hackney type] service. The Hackney classification offers the most operational flexibility, but attempts to classify rickshaw type vehicles as Hackneys often provokes hostility from “conventional” taxi driver associations and a reticence from local authorities to be involved in confrontation with them. In practice rickshaws can operate harmoniously with motor taxis, they just need the opportunity to prove it. The resentment shown by drivers of motor taxis is usually as a result of ignorance about how rickshaws operate, however it is important to appreciate that a London cabbie will have undergone a long and expensive process to acquire his/her cab licence and they jealously guard that right to operate.
Our advice if you are thinking of setting up an operation is to first approach the relevant local authority and get a feel for their attitude. If it is unfavourable then you h will have a long struggle ahead. If they are receptive then you should try to canvas some local support and start to create a business plan. At this stage you should contact ourselves and we will see what help we can offer. We will be pleased to liase with the Police and other interested bodies to reassure of them of the operational safety of the vehicles etc.
The second question relates to the vehicle construction and use regulations that may or may not apply. If you are using a pedal-only version of an AVD vehicle then there should be no problem. [We are assuming that the proposed operation is somewhere in Britain or mainland Europe] If you intend to use an electric version then a wide variety of different rules may apply, depending on which country you live in. The best advice is to contact the factory and we can advise. We have international contacts through our local Chamber of Commerce and will be pleased to check on local legislation for you.
The laws in Great Britain are changing at the moment regarding electric vehicles, we will publish confirmation of these very soon. In the meantime contact us if you have a specific question.

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